Retro Tech

This week we look back at the release of the first Macintosh Computer from Apple. Thirty-three¬†years ago today on January 24th, 1984 Steve Jobs stood before a raucous crowd at Apple’s Annual Shareholders meeting and unveiled “a revolution in personal computing.”

Behind the 9 inch, black and white display stood an 8 MHz 68000 processor and 128kb of RAM. A 3.5″ floppy disk provided 400kb of storage space which at the time was 25% more than IBM systems.

The price tag for the Mac128 was set at $2495 (equal to $5919.90 today) There were no Apple stores to stand in line outside of, no internet, no big box tech stores, so how someone would actually purchase a computer in 1984 is still a mystery.

Today our desks, pockets, and wrists are decorated with the latest in Apple technology. The speed at which we operate at today would not be possible without the Mac128. Imagine designing, transferring, and proofing a 1GB file (without wires mind you) and then in less than a work week receiving 20,000 28 page full-color catalogs, crazy right?


So the next time you have to restart your computer or change the batteries in your mouse take a deep breath and remember where it all began.

Happy Birthday, Macintosh.

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